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 Outer Reaches of Citidel

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PostSubject: Outer Reaches of Citidel   Sat Aug 08, 2009 2:37 am

"Today, we ride, march, and charge, to GLORY! Our armies will destroy the capital. We prove to them that the Black Swamp isn't terretory of theirs, but OURS! We show them that they can't claim whats not theirs. We destroy the walls with our Catapults, terrorize their soldiers with our blades, and decimate their mages with our archers. Orcs and necromancers alike, PREPARE FOR BATTLE! TODAY WE SHALL MARCH, VICTORIOUS!" Koraths speech got louder and louder, gradually, until it was a boom. He unsheathed his blades and rose them into the air. "Stand in formation, and march with me to BATTLE!" He mounted his horse, and rode towards the city.
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Outer Reaches of Citidel
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